Healthcare Consultant

Senior Consultant – Digital Healthcare, Go-to-Market Strategies and Business Advisory

Skills and Experience

Chief Executive Officer

Working with the Board and staff, Khatia oversaw all aspects of the organization’s operations and strategic direction, developed and executed business strategies to drive growth and operational excellence, managed administrative functions and implemented hospital’s policies and procedures.

Head of Administration

Khatia negotiated and signed employment contracts between the clinic and employees, managed disciplinary actions and implemented appropriate disciplinary measures.

Healthcare Manager

Khatia became as a formal and unformal leader for hospital management team, developed and implemented strategies to optimize resource utilization and improve operational efficiency, ensured compliance with healthcare regulations and quality standards, managed budgets, financial planning, and revenue cycle management, worked in the healthcare electronic system, utilizing if for various tasks related to patient care and management.

Healthcare Manager Assistant

Khatia assisted in managing healthcare operations, including administrative tasks, collaborated with multidisciplinary teams to ensure smooth functioning of the hospital.

Areas of Expertise

Industry Expertise

Former Employers