The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

Our Partners for Healthcare Data Management, Related Advisory & Certifications

Mott MacDonald

Our Global Partners for Capital Health Projects

Quality Associates International, United States

Our Academic partners in Health Quality Improvement

Fidelum Health, United States

Our Market Research Partner and Benchmarking Studies Partner for North/Central/South America

World Continuing Education Alliance, United Kingdom

Our Academic partner in healthcare education & specialized certifications

IVDeology, United Kingdom

Our knowledge Partner for Quality, Regulatory, Technical Expertise in the Invitro Diagnostics Industry

International Venture & Consulting, Italy

Our knowledge Partner for sourcing and operational support
 across the European Healthcare landscape

Ensaan HR Technologies, United Arab Emirates

Our knowledge Partner in Workforce, HR, Talent & Payroll Management Tools
& Softwares

Insta by Practo, India

Our Technology Partner in healthcare Information Management Systems

GRMC Advisory Services, United Arab Emirates

Our Market Research Partner for MENA Regions

European Fertility Society, United Kingdom

Our partner for Investment & Advisory services in Fertility/IVF/Reproductive Medicine


Kvarner Health Cluster, Croatia

Our regional partner for Investment & Advisory services in Croatia/Central

Ethics Plus Consulting, United Arab Emirates

Our Healthcare Accounts and Financial Due-diligence Partner

Klaim Holdings Limited, United Arab Emirates

Our Revenue Cycle Management Tech Partner

Bookingsmed, Italy

Our regional partner in Italy/Western Europe for Wellness/ Rehabilitation based Investment & Business Advisory Services

Quality Austria, Austria

Our knowledge Partner in Audits, Integrated & Quality Management systems