Our Facilitation Services emphasizes on Medical Value Travel with a Consumer Centric approach and Healthcare Transaction Services with a Investor Centric approach, enabled by our strong network across the Global Healthcare Ecosystem



  • Online, Expert Engaged & Bespoke Courses
  • Certifications Programs for Skill upgradation & transfer

Capacity Building based Products/Services Referrals

Tools & Tech Products

  • HRMS (HR Management System)
  • HIS (Health Information System)
  • Smart Hospital and Suitability based Programs
  • Revenue Cycle Management & Claims Management Systems

Accredtation Referral

Medical Travel Referral

  • Provider & Air Ambulance Search
  • Telemedicine Based Referrals
  • Medical Travel Based Accreditation Referrals
  • Data Governance and Integration based Accreditation Referrals