Ilan Geva

Senior Director of Academics and Head of Americas & Chicago Office

Professional Experience:

Ilan Geva is a global branding and consumer behavior expert who provides consulting, teaching, training and help in practicing and implementing all brand touchpoints. He authored the book “Global Brand Management” and wrote many articles for international publications. His work has won over 100 industry awards around the world.

For many years Ilan taught Branding at the University of Chicago and Consumer Behavior & Marketing at DePaul University. He is invited to speak at many international conferences. He helped many countries, doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers solidify their brands while working with some of the largest and best-known Healthcare and travel brands in the US and abroad. 

Among them: 

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Kaiser Permanente insurance-California,  Mercy Hospital in Des Moines,  Open System Imaging-California,   Lasik Plus-Ohio,   Alexian Brothers Hospital-Illinois,  Swank Healthcare-Missouri,  Glaxo Smith Klein & Richardson Vicks- South Africa,  Bayer Aspirin-USA  Gusib health tourism organization & consulting- Turkey,  ME-DENT Regenerative medicine dentistry and stem cell- Croatia,  St. Catherine Hospital, Zagreb,  Terme Selce-Crikvenica, Croatia,  Wallcott Holdings Sydney and New York,  Anderson Podiatry Center – Colorado,  University of Chicago Medical-Illinois,  BIOSTAR Korea/Japan, and more Ilan is a member of ACHE in Chicago, and as such participates in many of its activities in the city.

Ilan is a popular speaker in many international conferences. As of this moment, Ilan was invited to speak, lecture and train in: Malaysia, Korea, Japan, China, India, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Romania, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Netherlands, England, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Kosovo, France, Spain, Portugal, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, UAE,

 Ilan serves as a consultant to governments, countries, cities, and businesses around the world to build a solid international brand, and find the right resources to activate them. A sample list of seminars, university teaching, masterclass workshops and conference presentation, delivered by Ilan Geva.
All the topics were either discussed in advance with the hosts or customized to fit specific needs of the participating organizations. Some were followed by consulting work. 

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