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Are your people your greatest asset? They should be. High performing companies comprise of high performing people who enjoy being their best.

However, in so many organizations today, people are under-utilized, demoralized and work with "just doing a job" attitude until something better comes along and they "escape".

Low performance, "problem people" and attrition destroys a company's potential. These factors negatively affect customer service, quality standards, effectiveness, efficiency and of course sales and profits.

If your organization’s potential is being drained in this way, some serious questions need to be asked. And based on the frank and open answers, a set of strategies and disciplines need to be installed to make a change for the better.

A few questions to ask yourself as an organization:
  • Are your hiring and promotion decisions based mainly on strength of an applicant's technical knowledge and experience? If so, you are in danger of making a wrong hire.
  • Are your managers’ effective leaders who create a motivated team of great people?
  • Are your managers and their team motivated by appraisal reviews or is it a "dreaded chore” for the benefit of HR Department?
Vmarsh can offer you such support through our very experienced and practical consultants who have been helping companies, with appropriate tools and techniques, to improve their hiring process, growth of employees, leadership engagement and overall company culture and reduce their attrition.